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Hamel Family Establishes $25,000 Scholarship Through USHJA Foundation
Applications open to USHJA members on January 1, 2017

Lexington, KY — May 10, 2016 — The Hamel Family has established the USHJA Foundation Hamel Scholarship for Further Education, which will award up to $25,000 to one USHJA member each year to be used for college, graduate, trade or professional school. The first scholarship will be awarded in 2017.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a national scholarship like this to USHJA members, all thanks to the Hamel Family's generosity" said Jennifer Burger, president of the USHJA Foundation. "For the first time, members from across the United States will be eligible for scholarship funds that allow them to pursue advanced education." Read More

USHJA Foundation Newsletter
Jennifer Burger and Bill Rube Invite You to the Foundation eNews

Welcome to the first USHJA Foundation Newsletter, which will be circulated quarterly. We are excited to be able to keep you informed of the new and wonderful things happening in the Foundation. The Hunter/Jumper community is a passion we all have in common, and the foundation is able to feed our passion in so many different ways of outreach. We look forward to your support. Read More

Jennifer Burger, USHJA Foundation President &
Bill Rube, USHJA Foundation Funds Development Director

Gochman Family Becomes Major Donor to USHJA Foundation
Funding to support the USHJAF Gochman Family US Pony Finals Grant

Lexington, KY — March 15, 2016 — The Gochman Family, USHJA members and philanthropists, have donated $250,000 to the USHJA Foundation to support a long-term USHJAF Gochman Family US Pony Finals Grant Program. Each year, the Foundation will award grants to deserving Juniors that give them an opportunity to experience US Pony Finals. Read More

Join the USHJA Foundation in the Global #GivingTuesday Movement and Make a Difference

The USHJA Foundation has joined #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, and invites members and equine enthusiasts to show their support for the Foundation's charitable work on December 1, 2015.

On #GivingTuesday, interested donors can support the work of the Foundation through an all-inclusive donation or a donation to a specific area of the Foundation's work at The Foundation focuses on four areas of charitable work: supporting the basic needs of the USHJA members who do not have the financial means to do so themselves following an accident, catastrophe or illness; inspiring USHJA members facing adversity through exceptional experiences; empowering USHJA members to further their education; and preserving and protecting the history and tradition of the hunter/jumper sport. Read More

Kelley Farmer and Charities Win Big at the Chicago Hunter Derby
Presented by CP
By Brenda Mueller

The National Show Hunter Hall of Fame Chicago Hunter Derby, presented by Canadian Pacific, has another year in the books with big winners all the way around. The big winner of the day was Kelley Farmer, taking the top three spots in the $50,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. Farmer collected five checks total for her six rides in the final handy round, with Mindful the top money earner for the weekend.

Mindful took the International Hunter section by storm, winning the $7,500 International Welcome Stake and all three rounds of the International Hunter Derby. Read More

USHJA Foundation Makes Pony Finals Dream Come True

New Grant supported by the Gochman Family to provide annual experience for deserving your equestrians

Lexington, KY August 3, 2015 As U.S. Pony Finals kicks off, the USHJA Foundation is pleased to announce Matthew Bravo as the inaugural recipient of the USHJA Foundation Pony Finals Grant, generously supported by the Gochman Family. Designed to offer a child who has never been able to participate in Pony Finals the chance to do so, the new grant is the latest offering from the Foundation to help inspire young equestrians to continue to grow in the sport.

"We are so excited to offer this grant on an annual basis and couldn't do so without the philanthropic support of the Gochman Family," said USHJA Foundation President Lynn Jayne. "Almost every child in this sport dreams of Pony Finals, and to show kids that with hard work, determination and the support of this community, dreams can come true is at the heart of this grant." Read More

The Bauman Family Basks in Support
By Lindsay Brock

After a devastating barn fire, the Baumans recover with the help of the USHJA Foundation ‘Making A Dream’ Grant Program.

On the evening of November 22, 2014, the Bauman family, of Woodstock, Illinois, was immersed in celebration. Tyson, a police officer, and Amber, the trainer at their farm, Valley View Acres, were attending the Illinois Hunter Jumper Association banquet with their 11-year-old daughter Alexis and various clients. They were at the peak of a full year of success until a single phone call rattled their lives. Read More

Chicago Equestrians for a Cause Celebrates Giving Tuesday With Presentation of Funds to Three Charities

By Chicago Equestrian

Members of Chicago Equestrians for a Cause (CEC) met on Giving Tuesday to present gifts to their three charities totaling $150,000. The funds were raised through the Chicago Hunter Derby presented by Canadian Pacific, which took place in September. The premier Chicago Hunter Derby at Annali-Brookwood Farm featured the $50,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby sponsored by Canadian Pacific and the $5,000 National Hunter Derby sponsored by Sapphire Riding Academy. The three charities that benefitted from the event were: the USHJA Foundation, University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation (UCCRF) and Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Read More

Congratulations to our Annual Meeting Silent Auction Winners!

The silent auction at the USHJA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas raised nearly $7,000 for the USHJA Foundation. These funds will help the USHJA Foundation provide charitable services, including grants and scholarships to USHJA members, as well as emergency financial assistance to USHJA members in times of need. We thank everyone who bid during the auction! Read More

Annali-Brookwood Provides Education While Giving Back to the Industry

Audit Fees From Geoff Teall Clinic Donated to USHJA Foundation

Antioch, IL – November 22, 2014 – Annali-Brookwood Farm hosted the Geoff Teall clinic this weekend. Almost thirty riders were put through the paces as Teall stressed the importance of basics. Auditors had the perfect view from ringside seats and audit fees were donated to the United States Hunter Jumper Foundation, which Teall is a co-founder of. Read More

Maddy Parker is Dedicated to Her Dreams

Through the USHJA Foundation "Making A Dream" Grant Program, this young rider takes home cherished memories and great experiences—and even gets to meet George H. Morris.
Read More

Kennedy Duke - Dreams of Riding to the Top

Kennedy Duke had always imagined traveling from her home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, to attend the country's biggest grand prix show jumping events. the 11-year-old avidly reads about and follows the careers of many of the international show jumping stars and their horses.

So when her mother, Heather Duke, learned about the USHJA Foundation's "Making A Dream" Grant program, she knew that it would be the perfect opportunity for Kennedy. earlier this year, the younger Duke lived her dream and traveled to California with her mother to attend the HITS AIG $1 million Grand Prix. Read More

Equestrian Families Help Preserve the History of the Hunter/Jumper Sport

Lexington, KY-August 19, 2014 - On the heels of a week of championships in a sport that celebrates tradition, the USHJA Foundation is pleased to recognize and thank Dr. Kenneth and Selma Garber, the Hallman Family and Merrylegs South, the Oberkircher Family, and Jennifer and Roger Smith who recently became the first four founding members of the USHJA Foundation's Legacy Circle. Full Story

Horseman’s Assistance Fund Update - Devon Gibson

The USHJA Foundation Horseman’s Assistance Fund provides financial relief to USHJA members who have faced hardships due to injury, illness or catastrophic events. To date, the Fund has provided over $142,000 in assistance to equestrians in need all across the country. In this issue of our newsletter, we catch up with one of the most recent recipients, Devon Gibson from Redondo Beach, CA. USHJA appreciates Devon sharing her story. Full Story

Devon Gibson aboard Serendipity compete in the Oaks Grand Prix, © McCool Photography

2013 Chicago Hunter Derby, presented by Chicago Equestrians for a Cause September 7 & 8, 2013, Antioch, Illinois

Chicago-Area Event Raises Funds for USHJA Foundation
Antioch, IL – July 1, 2013 - When attending the 2013 Chicago Hunter Derby, you’ll notice the immaculately landscaped grounds, the beautiful course of vintage jumps, the glamorous tent with delicious food and flowing champagne. You’ll pass by the row of boutique quality shops and gaze at the dozens of beautiful show horses competing with top name riders from across the country. What you won’t readily see is the force driving the spectacular weekend, a group who call themselves, Chicago Equestrians for a Cause.
Full Story

Horsemanship Quiz Challenge

The USHJA Foundation to award grants to winners of the 2013 Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Finals. The mission of the USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge (HQC) is to educate and recognize young equestrians who possess exceptional horsemanship knowledge. The HQC was created through the vision of Vice Chair of the USHJA Youth Committee Elaine Schott, and now in its second year, the program enjoys the presenting sponsorship of Sweet Briar College. The USHJA Foundation is proud to support this important program and will be awarding $1,000 training grants this November to each of the members of winning zone team and the overall individual winner of the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Finals. These training grants can be used for approved equestrian-related continuing education and training. Full Story

Linda Panetta

After over 30 years of shaping and expanding young riders’ abilities, lifelong New Yorker and equestrian Panetta came face- to- face with an obstacle for which she was not prepared.

“Last year I was diagnosed with a severe lung disease and my world of teaching and horses came to a sudden stop,” Panetta said. Her life became one of doctors and hospitals. “The lung disease is slow, progressive, and debilitating one; some days I need oxygen to get around and some days I don’t, but at this time I am not seeking the lung transplant. I have 27 percent of my lungs right now, which isn’t that good, but to be eligible for a transplant I have to be at about 20 or 15 percent, so right now I just try to stay as well as I can,” Panetta said. Full Story

Patricia Hanly

Pat Hanly grew up like most horse crazy little girls, dreaming of show ponies and blue ribbons. She was fortunate enough to realize these aspirations with riding lessons at Ellie Wood Keith’s farm in Charlottesville, VA.
Full Story

Stevi Anne Thompson – 2013 Recipient

“The ‘Making A Dream’ Program is giving me an opportunity I never thought I could have,” said 16-year-old Stevi Anne Thompson. “Going to Palm Beach and training with trainers and riders I look up to is a dream come true. Riding has always been difficult for me because of my anxiety, but I knew it was something I wanted to do.”
Full Story

Lizzy Traband – 2011 Recipient

In 2011 the USHJA Foundation debuted a new program, the Making A Dream grant, largely inspired by a chance encounter between a group of professionals representing the USHJA at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games’ International Hunter Derby exhibition and a truly remarkable 12 year-old named Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Traband.
Full Story

USHJA Foundation helps those in need — Julie Winkel
July 2, 2012

When a firestorm destroyed my home, arenas and pasture fencing (sparing the horses and barns thank God) I was beyond devastated. Not only had I lost 35 years worth of memories and material things, but I was struggling to continue to care for the horses as well as operate my business. USHJA Foundation came to the rescue, providing money to rebuild fencing so I could get back on my feet. I am forever grateful to have this organization of friends that were there in my darkest hour! THANK-YOU!"

– Julie Winkel

USHJA Foundation helps those in need — Linda Andrisani
July 2, 2012

Most of you know me as a judge, I have had the privilege of judging horse shows throughout this country and Canada. I also ran a successful hunter show barn with my partner Jack Stedding. In 2003 everything began to change in our lives. Jack suffered a debilitating stroke and my mother, now 93 years old, had to be placed in a full care nursing home. In 2009 Jack and I made a financial decision to close our horse business and my small clothing business. Jack took a fulltime training job and I continued to judge. Unfortunately in March of 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer being told I would need surgery and three months of daily radiation. One week after my diagnosis Jack’s job was terminated.

The cushion and security I thought would be there for surgery, hospitalization and treatments all fell apart. Because I had to give up my judging there became a huge deficit in my income and I didn’t know what would happen or how I could handle what lay ahead. Thankfully the USHJA Foundation came to my rescue.

I am still being seen regularly by doctors and dentists. Being absent from my profession for nearly a year meant rebuilding both my physical strength and placement into jobs. The Foundation has been generous a second time to assist me to get through the slow start of my year and making sure I get back on my feet solidly. I’m very appreciative for all USHJA’s support.

– Linda Andrisani

USHJA Foundation helps those in need — Mickie Sage

July 2, 2012

On February 18, 2010 I was flatting a horse, when he spooked and spun. In an instant my left knee felt like it exploded. The horse felt me falling off and somehow scooped me up. As I sat on his back in unbelievable pain and shock, I felt right away this was not good. I was to leave in 3 days for winter circuit with my clients and their horses and it was to be the first Grand Prix with a relatively new Grand Prix horse. The next day I was to find out I had fractured my tibia platue in multiple places and had cartilage damage to my ankle. All of this happened without falling off! This meant that I was to be non -weight bearing for 3 months and would under-go extensive rehabilitation for the knee area as well as the entire leg. I made it through this difficult time with the help of the generous and gracious clients, riders and fellow trainers who pitched in when I needed it most. In June 2010, I was released from physical therapy and was back in the saddle again. I was legging up and gearing up for the rest of the 2010 show season. Better late than never!

July 22, 2010, I was in the schooling area at a horse show warming up for a 1.20 meter class on a young jumper. I was two away to go in the ring. As I was cantering around the corner to a jump, another cantering horse and rider ran into me. Unfortunately, the horse and rider ran into my left leg. Crack! I pulled up my stunned horse and grabbed my knee. Not again! I could not believe the pain I was feeling nor could I bear to go through this again. This time I broke the left tibia in two more places and the fibula in two places. I returned to the horse show the next day to train my clients. I was to be non-weight bearing for another 3 months and endure another 3 months of physical therapy. Again with the help of my clients, family and friends I got through it physically, mentally and financially by the skin of my teeth. I was back in the tack by December 2010 more determined than ever, and finally did the first Grand Prix with the new horse in January 2011!

On April 29th, 2011, I was bucked off one of my client’s young hunters. Before I hit the ground, I felt my left knee pop and when I landed I hit my tailbone. I cracked the tailbone and fractured the left femur right above the knee. Again I was told 3 more months non-weight bearing and 3 more months of physical therapy. As I left the doctor’s office for the third time in 16 months, I felt as if I was at an all time low, physically, mentally and now financially. I knew I would heal. I had huge doubts I would mentally recover from the injuries and I had big questions about continuing this for a living. It was that very same day that I contacted the USHJA about the Horseman’s Assistance Fund.

After having 3 injuries so close together. I was in jeopardy of not being able to cover my medical bills and personal bills. With the help of the USHJA Horseman’s Assistance Fund I was able to cover my deductible and to pay off the balance of any residual medical expenses. I would also use the money to continue the much needed physical therapy. It is comforting to know there is compassion and financial assistance from fellow USHJA members. I am grateful for the assistance and the support from the USHJA and the Horseman’s Assistance Fund. In September 2011, I returned to the show ring once again. I’m a taking it slow, and I feel great! The horse community has been incredibly supportive and for that I realize this is the place for me. I’m not ready to retire just yet.

– Mickie Sage

USHJA Foundation Announces The "Making A Dream" Scholarship Program

February 14, 2011

Lexington, Kentucky – February 14, 2011 – Have you ever had an equestrian dream that you just couldn’t quite reach? Do you wish you could have a special experience in the equestrian world but challenging circumstances have gotten in your way? If so, then a newly launched scholarship program may just make your dreams reality.

The USHJA Foundation “Making A Dream” Scholarship Program is philanthropic in nature and extends opportunities to individuals with unique circumstances who seek a special experience in the sport of hunters and jumpers. Each experience is custom-designed depending upon the specific interests of the recipient who will receive the resources needed to help in “Making A Dream.”

Unique circumstances recipients might face include, but are not limited to, physical or other challenges and/or resource limitations.

The program, fully implemented in 2011, was inspired by Elizabeth “Lizzy” Traband, of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania, the inaugural scholarship recipient.

With her scholarship funds, Traband is spending two weeks training and showing on the FTI Winter Equestrian Festival circuit in Wellington, Florida, during the month of February. She received a complementary stall from show manager Dave Burton of Littlewood Farm, lessons from trainers such as Louise Serio, Lynn Jayne and Liza Towell Boyd, and accommodations.

Traband, 13, who was born without a left hand, has worked hard to overcome the challenge and become the best rider she can be. With support from her parents Mark and Annette Traband of Carousel Farm, Lizzy has become a recognized local competitor, a performer with Tommie Turvey’s “Night Of Amazing Horses” and clinician in horsemanship for children. Lizzy’s trick pony Toby became a coveted Breyer model in 2009.

While performing a bridleless riding exhibition during the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games last fall, Lizzy caught the attention of the professional hunter riders there representing the USHJA. They invited her to work with them, and the USHJA scholarship “Making A Dream” was born.

“Receiving this scholarship is great,” said Lizzy. “I’m learning tons. This is by far my biggest show experience. It’s amazing to come here and learn about the different trainers, their programs and how they care for their horses. I’m learning tips I can take home to improve myself and tips I can teach to other riders.

“It means a lot too that I helped to inspire this scholarship because there are more kids out there in the same situation,” she added. “They have the talent and motivation and really want to get the support to do it.”

Any USHJA member—junior, amateur or professional—may be nominated for the scholarship. Nominations may be made by any USHJA member, parent, friend or medical professional. An individual may only be nominated once per year, and a person may win only once.

The USHJA Foundation Board of Directors will review nominations and select recipients through the year. For more information on the “Making A Dream” scholarship program, please contact Whitney Allen, or (859) 225-6707.

Click Here to download a nomination form for the "Making A Dream" Scholarship Program

USHJA Foundation: Making a Difference in 2010
December 13, 2010

The USHJA Foundation, now in its second year of operation, dedicated 2010 to developing and launching the Horseman’s Assistance Fund. The fund provides emergency financial support to individuals who require assistance resulting from illness, injury or who are otherwise incapacitated due to a catastrophic accident or natural disaster.

This year, with the help of generous donors and fundraising efforts, the Foundation provided more than $38,000 to USHJA members in need. This assistance provided urgent relief to a life-long equestrian with stage 4 lung cancer, an aspiring young professional who broke her back, a braider unable to work after receiving life-saving surgery, and a seasoned horse trainer injured in a fall.

"I’m thrilled and inspired by the dedication of our board and volunteers. They have all worked hard to make the Horseman’s Assistance Fund a reality," said Lynn Jayne, USHJA Foundation president. "Helping fellow horsemen and women is a passion that should be shared by everyone in the industry.

"The Foundation has structured itself to promote that passion and, not only support those in urgent need, but support the industry as a whole through grants and program support," Jayne continued. "Each contributor to the Foundation will know he or she has personally made a difference. With .90 cents of every dollar going directly to this and other important programs, we encourage every member, as well as all hunter/jumper enthusiasts, to help support the industry through the USHJA Foundation."

In 2011, the USHJA Foundation will continue the Horseman’s Assistance Fund and will expand the fund opportunities to horses and organizations.

A Look Ahead

The Foundation will launch two new programs in 2011—a Zone Scholarship program, which will provide supplemental support for USHJA Zones looking to create educational scholarships for their constituents; and a grants program to provide funding for organizations, research efforts or individuals looking to make a difference in the sport.

It’s only through donations and fundraising that the USHJA Foundation is able to continue its work. In addition to the scholarships, grants and emergency assistance, the Foundation will provide support for USHJA programs such as the Emerging Athletes Program, which identifies young talented riders across the country and provides them with education from top professionals in our sport.

The USHJA Foundation provides philanthropic equestrians and supporters of our industry with the ability to take an important role in the future of the sport. We ask you to help us in Making A Difference in our sport by supporting the USHJA Foundation.

AHJF Embraces USHJA: Two Organizations Now Become One
May 21, 2010 Diana DeRosa

"Now is the right time," commented Geoff Teall, a note of enthusiasm in his voice at the prospect of having the strength and programs of the American Hunter-Jumper Foundation (AHJF) now go to supporting the similar goals of the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) and its Foundation.

Since its inception in 1992, the AHJF has established itself by creating a new vision for the sport of hunters in the United States. Now after five years of growth, the USHJA has not only established these same goals but has the resources, staffing and vision to take them even further.

AHJF founders Geoff Teall and Louise Serio are proud of what the AHJF has achieved, especially the much sought after World Champion Hunter Rider awards program. However, they have always had one more dream they wanted to achieve and that is to create an endowment fund to secure the future of our sport. By uniting their efforts with the USHJA and its Foundation, they see that vision becoming a reality. They want to initiate the first step by transferring the current assets of the AHJF Emergency Relief Fund to the USHJA Foundation's Horseman's Assistance Fund and be one of the first to kick off the endowment fund. The Horseman's Assistance Fund is a charitable aid program created by the USHJA Foundation and modeled after the AHJF Emergency Relief Fund. Click here to read full story.

Silent Auction Supports USHJA Foundation and NARHA
December 29, 2008

Lexington, KY – A silent auction held by the United States Hunter Jumper Association raised over $5,000 in proceeds to benefit the USHJA Foundation and the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA). The silent auction was held at the USHJA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN which took place December 8-11. Winning bids of the 28 donated items were announced at the Evening of Equestrians Awards Ceremony on December 10.

The USHJA Foundation promotes the hunter and jumper disciplines by supporting the programs of the USHJA. NARHA is a nonprofit equine assisted therapy organization that has over 800 member centers in the United States and Canada.

The silent auction featured a diverse range of items donated by affiliate and national organizations, USHJA members and equine companies. Donated items ranged from private lessons with Olympians to collectables for the upcoming 2010 World Games. Several trainers donated lessons to the auction including: Colleen McQuay, Louise Serio, William Simpson, Karen Healey, Candice King, Geoff Teall, Archie Cox and Laura Kraut. Click here to read full story.

The USHJA Announces the Creation of the United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation
July 14, 2008

Lexington, KY - In December of 2007, the USHJA Board of Directors unanimously approved the creation of the United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation. The USHJA Foundation is an independent organization, developed in response to the requests of members to support the programs of the USHJA, while creating and implementing additional initiatives to benefit our sport.

The programs that the new USHJA Foundation will be supporting include educational scholarships through our USHJA Zones, projects that foster growth at the grassroots level of participation, Trainers' Symposiums, the Emerging Athletes Program and emergency relief for members of our equestrian community needing assistance.

The USHJA Foundation's primary responsibility is to solicit and receive charitable contributions from individuals and entities which will assist the USHJA in fulfilling its mission. Contributors will be able to make restricted or unrestricted donations to support the programs of their choice. read full story.


The United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.
To make your tax deductible donation or for questions
please contact Kate Cattani at (732) 979-7262