Building a Foundation
The USHJA Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance and promote the hunter/jumper discipline by supporting the programs of the United States Hunter Jumper Association, Inc., and other initiatives which support the mission of the USHJA.

12 Weeks of Winter Fundraising Campaign
Congratulations to our 12 Weeks of Winter weekly drawing winners:

4 Essex Show Shirts and 2 Pair Pikeur Breeches, donated by Essex Classics and Pikeur — Mary Semmer $1,000 Shipping Credit, donated by Brook Ledge Horse Transportation, Inc. — Phoebe Weseley
Original Photo Art, donated by Kathy Russell and James Parker — Yvetta Rechler-Newman $500 Certificate with Turner & Co. and $500 Certificate with Hunt, Ltd.,, donated byTurner & Co. and Hunt, Ltd. — Kimberly Stewart
$1,000 Gift Certificate with The Hunting Horn & a Dever Golf Cart Rental, donated by The Hunting Horn/Shelly Shaulinski & Dever, Inc. — Kate Eagleton $1,000 Shopping Spree at Hadfield's, donated by Hadfield's Saddlery — Tracey Topping
Acona Custom Show Coat, donated by Charles Acona — Kathy Oberkircher 4 Essex Show Shirts and 2 Pair Pikeur Breeches, donated by Essex Classics and Pikeur — Sarah Tredennick
Bridle from Ann K. Hubbard's and a Lisa Skiffington Item, donated by Ann K Hubbard's Tack Shop and Lisa Skiffington — David Gochman Two Custom Show Sheets or Stable Blankets, donated by The Clothes Horse — Craig Allen
Custom Weatherly Stroh Pet Portrait, donated by Weatherly Stroh — Adele Einhorn 4 Essex Show Shirts and $500 Clothesline Laundry Gift certificate, donated by Essex Classics and Clothesline Laundry — Stacey Arani

Thank you to all the successful bidders of the 2013 International Hunter Derby Championship Calcutta teams. The Calcutta raised a total of $40,400 and half of those proceeds directly benefit the Horseman’s Assistance Fund. Your generous support goes a long way in offering aid to your fellow horsemen and horsewomen in need.

Congratulations the successful bidders of the
2013 International Hunter Derby Championship Calcutta teams

Team 1 – Larry Glefke
Team 2 – Olde Oaks Farm, Inc./Victoria Hunton
Team 3 – Linda Seay
Team 4 – Old Willow Farms, LLC
Team 5 – Hofmeister, Moyer, Osborne, and Christensen
Team 6 – Emil Spadone, Jack Towell, Susan Schoellkopf
Team 7 – Mr. & Mrs. Rush Weeden
Team 8 – Loretta Patterson

Congratulations to Jackpot winners Juliann Benson, the prevailing bidder on Team 4 which contained the winner of the Consolation Round, and to Emil Spadone, Jack Towell, and Susan Schoellkopf for their combined successful bid on Team 6 which contained the winner of the Tier I Championship Round.

Your contribution will help identify and nurture up-and-coming talent in our sport.
Upon winning the Talent Search Finals-East Jacob Pope recognized how the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program helped carve his path. "It's still unbelievable to me; I wasn't expecting it at all," said Pope. "The EAP helped me go from not riding at this level to training with Andre [Dignelli and Heritage Farm]. I hope this win will help me go up another level to go on and do other things."

Your contribution will help equestrians in need of assistance.
When a firestorm destroyed Julie Winkel's home, arenas and pasture fencing she was beyond devastated. Not only had she lost 35 years' worth of memories and material things, but she was struggling to continue to care for the horses as well as operate her business. Julie turned to the Foundation for help and because of your support we were able to help.

"The USHJA Foundation came to the rescue, providing money to rebuild fencing so I could get back on my feet. I am forever grateful to have this organization of friends that were there in my darkest hour. Thank you!" —Julie Winkel

Your contribution will help preserve the history of our sport.
"The feeling of seeing generations of horsemen from children to grandparents revel in the history of the sport through the memories of the pony ring literally gave me goose bumps. It has been an honor and a privilege to help coordinate this exhibit and we have already begun working on our next exhibit."
—Bill Rube, Wheeler Museum Committee Member

Your contribution will help provide educational opportunities.
"I'm also proud to be a member of many other organizations including USHJA. I've participated in Horse Bowl and Horsemanship Standards through 4-H, and I find the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge program really similar. I love everything about horses! I think this new program is a great opportunity to improve myself both as a rider and owner of horses, as well as increase my knowledge to help me with my future goals in life."
—Chloe Bellerive, HQC Ambassador

Your contribution will help dreams be realized.
"Giving someone an education is the best gift you can give anybody, because that education can go such a long way in every direction," stated Lizzy. "Who knows? In 20 years, maybe I'll be coaching a rider and I'll be able to take something that I learned when I was 12 years old and pass it on, and hopefully they can pass it on. I want what I'm learning to make a difference and make it a better world and pass on more knowledge. Because when people are educated, they can make better decisions, which can make their horses happier and everyone happier."
—Lizzy Traband, inaugural recipient of the USHJA Foundation's Making a Dream grant


The United States Hunter Jumper Association Foundation is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.
To make your tax deductible donation or for questions
please contact Megan Lacy at (859) 225-6723.